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Seminars and Professional Development



  • Running Shoe Selection – How to choose the right one – race shoes vs training shoes.
  • Orthotics – when should I start or stop using them?
  • Barefoot Running/ Vibram Five Fingers / Minimalist shoes – are they for me?
  • Forefoot vs. Heel striking – Do I need to change?
  • The biomechanical influences of footwear
  • Tendinitis management – What is tendinitis and how do I avoid it and get rid of it?
  • Integrating new running concepts through practical experimentation

The seminar will be predominantly theoretical, but there will be a short practical component, with gait analysis and the option for a group run on the river to Marina Bay at the completion, so please bring your running shoes and clothes.

The Presenter

Bevan Colless

Bevan has degrees in sports science and physiotherapy and with his wife Vanessa, he established Tokyo Physio in 2002 and Singapore Physio in 2013. He is also Tokyo’s leading expat triathlete coach. Bevan is a life-long runner and triathlete who has worked with athletes of all levels from elite (including Mara Yamuchi, 6th place finisher in Beijing Olympic Marathon) to adults setting out to tackle their first race. Bevan has recently been presenting at seminars, courses for the Hong Kong Physiotherapy association and various running and triathlon clubs. Bevan and his wife Vanessa both qualified for the Hawaii Ironman in 2013 and are regularly on the podium in Age Group races.
Other Seminars, Not Currently Scheduled:

Snow Sports Injuries and ACL management

Having spent seven years as the main on-mountain health provider in Niseko (Japan’s premier international snow resort) we see acute snow sports injuries every day. We have a special interest in acute knee injuries, especially the anterior cruciate ligament. We regularly present to physiotherapists and doctors on these topics.


  • Snow sport injury statistics
  • Wrist guards – do they work?
  • Skiers vs Snowboarders – who gets injured the most and what injuries do they suffer?
  • What graft site should I choose for my ACL?
  • Do I need an ACL reconstruction?
  • Acute knee injury management.

Bevan Colless is one of the leading experts on running injuries and snow sports injuries in Malaysia. He is available to conduct courses for physiotherapists, corporations, runners and clubs.
To inquire about having Bevan present in your area at a conference, corporation or club, book your place.  Contact Malaysia Physio.

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