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Running Biomechanical Assessments

Dear Malaysia Physio,

Thanks again for the running assessment 3 months ago. I just ran the Hong Kong marathon with a time of 3:20 vs last year of 4:23, the session I had with you helped a lot in me understanding what I needed to improve on my technique, last Sunday and I wanted to say thank you, I could never have achieved my dream without your assessment'.

Lawrence Kam


Running assessments are for people looking to improve their running efficiency, running speed and address or prevent the causes of injuries.

At Malaysia Physio we see runners of all types every day. We were the official physiotherapy provider for Mara Yamauchi in her preparation for the Beijing olympics, where she finished 6th in the Women’s Marathon, the highest ever placing by a British athlete in the Olympic marathon, male or female.

Many of the injuries we see have a root cause in the patient’s running biomechanics. We also offer biomechanics assessments for athletes who are not injured but looking to improve their performance and prevent injuries form occurring.

A mechanically efficient runner is more economical. Understanding movement of the whole body in relation to running and the laws of motion are required for efficient and effective running.

Combining video analysis and a comprehensive history and physical inspection of body movements and identifies possible effective and ineffective technique and potential causes of injury.  Filming is done from the front, rear and both side using specialist sports biomechanics software.

In conjunction with a biomechanical screening this can be further optimised to assist in maximising efficiency. Any individual factors compromising performance can be identified and appropriately addressed.

We provide a unique analysis that takes into account your individual strengths and flexibility. We will assess your individual running mechanics and recommend changes depending on the type of runner you are and the events you are targeting. We also recommend specific programs to assist in the management of an ongoing problem to get you back to running.

Subsequent running analysis is highly recommended.

Please bring the following for the running assessment:

  • Current running shoes (racing flats if using)
  • Orthotics (if using)
  • Shorts/tights
  • Running top/singlet/crop-top

The assessment will take 90 minutes. Contact your local Malaysia Physio clinic for the price in your nearest location.

A video analysis and written report is also included.

Read below for an independant reviews of our assessments:



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