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Unit 3, Armada Villa, Jalan 109F
Taman Danau Desa, KL 58100
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At Asia Physio we have an extensive knowledge of the ACL. Our therapists all undergo special training in the latest management techniques for ACL rehabilitation and management.

Industry Leading Rehabilitation

Our facilities to rehab the ACL are excellent with a mini-gym on site, and we pride ourselves on our patients having post operative side effects such as patello-femoral pain, hamstring strains and tendinopathies at 90% lower than published industry standards. We achieve our excellent post-operative results through our years of experience in preventing problems before they begin.





Non-Operative ACL management

If you have ruptured your ACL and are wondering whether to have an operation or not, we can help you with your decision, having lead thousands of patients through this process over the years. Recent research suggest many patients can achieve excellent outcomes without undergoing the operation, which can be painful, expensive, and a major inconvenience in your life. You may well be able to return to high level sports and function without the operation - and we can let you know if you will be a candidate for conservative management or not.




We have a fully equipped mini-gym in our clinic including leg-press, and wide-range of balance training tools.


Sport Specific Rehabilitation

We also offer out-of-clinic rehabilitation with group rehab classes in Fort Canning Park each Saturday. These classes are a great way to target the specific demands of your sport for late stage rehabilitation.



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